Jays Looking at Saltalamacchia?

A quick little blurb about the Jays and Jarrod Saltalamacchia; Jon Heyman is reporting that the Twins, Rockies, and possibly the Blue Jays are interested in Saltalamacchia. The Red Sox have made a two-year offer to Salty, while still checking out other catchers on the market. Saltalamacchia had a very good season with the Red Sox in 2013, hitting .273/.338/.466 and providing an impressive 3.6 fWAR. With  Brian McCann, Carlos Ruiz and Jose Molina locked up, Salty just might find a team willing to pay him way too much.

Sporting a career .246 AVG and .310 OBP, Saltalamacchia had been worth just 3.4 fWAR over 474 career games before his breakout 2013 season. It’s nice to see Alex Anthopoulos looking to improve on JP Arencibia behind the plate, but it would be nice if he could land a more reliable option than Saltalamacchia. One thing is certain though; once Salty is off the market the free agent pool will be quite bare, with A.J. Pierzynski and Dioner Navarro the best remaining options. The trade route may be the only way for AA to add a catcher.

On another note, thanks to @AndrewStoeten for the shout-out in his post on Drunk Jays Fans today. Much appreciated. We are so excited about all the attention the site has received since we launched!


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Author: Tyler Kane

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  1. Just a tip – your site is hard to find on search engines – searching for breaking blue blog on google and you don’t come up on the first page, you might want to try and optimise that. I got to it from DJF in the end

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    • Thanks. We’re only a week old, it’s going to take a while to be seen on the search engines. With great links from DJF and other amazing sites, it’s definitely going to speed up the process. Over the last day we received a handful of traffic from the search engines.

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