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Our blog has quickly grown, and has received a lot of praise. Currently, we are looking for a few talented writers to join our team. We want to publish even more high quality content. Our writers put so much time and effort into their articles, that they literally take days to write, and we want to have more frequent content.

We are an advanced stats heavy blog, but that’s not all we are looking for. We are looking for the following:

Breaking News Writer

This job consists of making short 100-200 word posts about the latest Jays news as soon as it happens, preferably within the hour. This writer must be available during the day.  Example posts, “Halladay Retires”, “Blue Jays Have Rumoured Deal With Texas”, “Recap of John Gibbons Interview” etc etc.  Anything related to the Jays, we want it posted; trades, rumors, interview recaps, everything.

Featured Writer

Both Advanced Stats and Non-Saber

If we find the right candidates, we are looking for two featured writers. One with great understanding and use of advanced stats, and one with just great baseball knowledge and writing skills. We’d like a minimum of one featured post per week. As you’ve seen from recent featured posts, our authors put a lot of time and work into their featured posts. You would be expected to do so as well.

An example of a featured post would be, “Do the Jays and Mariners Match up in a Trade?” following the Cano signing. Or, “Rumoured Deal With Texas Falls Through, Who Were the Jays Targeting?”, which would include possible trade scenarios with players that the Jays need/want.

We are looking for writers who have a passion for writing and the Toronto Blue Jays. There is no compensation at this time for writing, but as the site starts to generate advertising revenue, you will receive your fair share.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us here. Please include some information about yourself, why you’d be a good writer, and your writing experience.

For featured writers, please prepare a sample of your work, relating to current events.

For breaking news writers, please include a short 100-200 word sample post, as well as your availability.


Thank you

– Breaking Blue

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Author: Tyler Kane

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