2014 TIPS and xxFIP Leaderboard


Throughout the season, I will be updating these leaderboards for the TIPS and xxFIP leaders. You can use these for fun to see how your favourite players are doing, or for fantasy purposes as well! Even though these two stats stabilize very quickly, still be weary of the sample size. A good sample will start at around 250 pitches.


There are currently three tabs within the sheet:

All – Date: This sheet has every single pitcher who has pitched in 2014. The date is the last day that is included in the data (last update).

Qualified – Date: These are the qualified starters, sorted by xxFIP.

Teams – Date: This is the data by team, sorted by xxFIP.


Each tab has the following columns:

Name: self explanatory

TBF: total number of batters faced

Pitches: total number of pitches thrown

xK%: expected strikeouts per batter faced based on the PitchF/X data. Explanation here.

xBB%: expected walks per batter faced based on the PitchF/X data. Explanation here.

xHR/FB%: expected home runs given up per flyball based on the PitchF/X data. Explanation here.

TIPS: True Independent Pitching Skill. ERA estimator focussed on the skill and “stuff” of the pitcher. Explanation here.

xxFIP: Expected xFIP. ERA estimator that uses xK%, xBB% and xHR/FB%. Explanation here.


Have fun fellow nerds and fans alike!

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Author: Chris Carruthers

Chris has been a baseball (and Jays) fan for 15 years. He has also played since the age of 6, working his way through Little League and Babe Ruth Baseball as a catcher and first baseman. He got interested in sabermetrics after viewing the movie Moneyball. His continuous self-learning in sabermetrics and advanced stats is driven by his engineering background and love for numbers. Chris's go-to website is FanGraphs, where he has had a few previous community submissions. Chris also enjoys music and plays guitar in his sparse spare time from his studies. He also follows hockey and his favourite team, the Calgary Flames. Follow Chris on Twitter @CCBreakingBlue.

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