Breaking Blue 2015 NL Rookie of the Year

We’ve made our picks for the each league’s best pitcher and today we pick the National League Rookie of the Year.

John Havok – Kris Bryant

I’d love to try and make an argument for Matt Duffy or Noah Syndergaard, but as decent as those arguments might be, they just aren’t better than the argument for Kris Bryant. He led all NL rookies in pretty much every offensive stat that matters, was good defensively and on the base paths. No rookie pitcher came close to the kind of value Bryant added to the Cubs.  Sure he struck out a ton, but that comes with the rookie experience. Kris Bryant hands down.

Spencer Estey – Kris Bryant

There’s not much debate here. Bryant is even a fringe candidate for MVP.

Nikolai Ballevski – Kris Bryant

See above. No debate.

André Godin – Noah Syndergaard

I guess I’m being a big contrarian here by not going with Bryant but in a season dominated by beastly rookie performances, no one seems more beastly to me than Syndergaard and since comparing hitters to pitchers is apples and oranges anyways, I’ll just go with who, my gut tells me, will be the best player for years to come.

André is the black sheep here but Bryant takes the honour in the National League by majority. Next up will be the American League Rookie of the Year picks.

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Author: John Havok

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