Breaking Blue 2015 AL Rookie of the Year

Kris Bryant was our near unanimous choice for the NL Rookie of the Year and will win it when the awards are announced by MLB, but the American League Rookie awards didn’t really have see 1 single dominant rookie performance, but rather several really good ones.

John Havok – Francisco Lindor

I really wish Devon Travis didn’t get hurt or his name would very likely be in the conversation given the tremendous start to the season he had, but sadly that’s not the case. After throwing around all the names, I came up with 3 that really stuck out; Lindor, Carlos Correa and Lance McCullers.  Before I get to those 3, I know some of you are going to wonder about Roberto Osuna. I get it. He’s 20 years old and had 20 saves for the AL East champs. It amazing enough to see a 20 year old pitcher in the majors to begin with let alone one who is thrust into one of the most pressure packed roles on the team, but overall a closer just isn’t worth the same kind of value that an everyday position player or starting pitcher is. I don’t discount his talent or his nerves of steel, but the fact that he pitched just 70 innings and wasn’t a starter is why he’s not a serious contender. Besides, if you’re going to want to talk about Osuna, you better be ready to look up Carson Smith and see that his numbers are better than Osuna’s were and I don’t see anyone campaigning for him for the award.

Anyways, McCullers falls to third and he had a great rookie season. I expect he will get some first place votes from people who value a pitcher’s contributions ahead of hitters. That’s a valid viewpoint and if all rookies were close in the value they added, it might be enough to be a tie-breaker in his favour. But Correa and Lindor happened. I pick Lindor over Correa and it really comes down to defense. Lindor was a huge plus defender and Correa wasn’t. Lindor was a good hitter and great defender, Correa was a great hitter and average defender. In the end I think Correa will have the better career because his bat is special, but Lindor had the better overall 2015.

Spencer Estey – Francisco Lindor

Lindor piled up a ton of value and was the most outstanding rookie in the AL this season.

Nikolai Ballevski – Carlos Correa

Correa came second to Lindor in fWAR. Both rookie shortstops played 99 games and succeeded offensively, but UZR likes Lindor’s defense more. I don’t think 99 games worth of UZR should be the deciding factor here and Carlos Correa is a destined superstar – the potential reincarnation of Alex Rodriguez. He hit more dingers, and his team made the playoffs. I love Lindor, and he’s a future star as well (even if his bat isn’t this good), but Correa is sexier and he’s my ROY.

André Godin – Carlos Correa

When faced with multiple worthy candidates, I prefer for the player who I expect to have the best career and to be rewarded and that would be Correa who I think will be the franchise over in Houston.

The first split vote! 2 for Lindor and 2 for Correa. Next up is the National League MVP.


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